SATs and Performance

Our 2019 results

Well done to all of our children and staff.  You have all worked extremely hard.  You have made so much progress in so many areas of school life which the SATs results don’t show.   Remember, at Co-op Academy Friarswood we celebrate all areas of school life.

Pupils meeting expected standard in reading, writing and maths:  50%

Pupils achieving at a higher standard in reading, writing and maths:  4%

Average scaled score in the reading test: 102.9

Average scaled score in the maths test: 101.0

Average scaled score in reading from 2017 – 2019:  104.79

Average scaled score in maths from 2017 – 2019:  102.10

Average progress that pupils have made from KS1 to KS2 in:
reading:  -3.05
writing: -2.81
maths: -4.53

At Co-op Academy Friarswood, as much as we push the academic side of school life, we also believe that we are here to develop the whole child.  This may be in a variety of areas from different subjects to social and nurture skills.   Whilst many of our children have achieved some super results, please remember that SATs results aren’t everything.  We recognise that your child may not be academic yet they may have the most amazing dance skills or musical talents.  They may be the next Picasso or a born negotiator or a compassionate nurse.

SATs certainly do not reflect the whole of the child and the enormous amount of other skills that your child has.  We have some of the most caring, kind and loving children in our school.  They are friendly, love to have fun and support each other through the good times and the bad.  These are talents and skills which we really do believe are important and that we celebrate wherever we can.  They don’t have a score.  They don’t need a score.  We don’t need a test to tell us that our children have developed into some of the loveliest children around.  So please, when you look at your child’s scores and when you read our results, celebrate our children or support them to improve but remember – these results aren’t everything.

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