Celebration of Learning

Celebration of Learning

We had our termly Celebration of Learning open afternoon. The children got to share with their parents and grandparents all of the work that they have been so busy doing this term. We had a lot of proud children and adults! Smiles all around.

In Reception the topic this term has been ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’ The children were busy playing lots of maths games and sharing their work. Their parents were very impressed by Reception’s number skills.

Year 1 have been learning all about ‘Our Local Area.’ The children were showing their topic books and other work they had been busy doing. Then designed and painted a mug.

Year 2 have been learning about ‘Our Wonderful World.’ The children were showing their parents just how much they have learnt in their topic books and creating a 3D globe.

Year 3 have had the topic of ‘Railways.’ The children were showing their class work, home projects and their findings on our great railway history.

Our Year 4 class have been learning about ‘The Wonder Garden.’ They each shared their homework projects including powerpoint presentations, posters and models to the whole class and their parents. They have learnt so much on some of natures most beautiful places like the Amazon rainforest and The Barrier Reef.

The topic in Year 5 has been USA and the UK. The children had been filming each other having an interview. They were asking each other questions about the country they were representing. They really enjoyed watching themselves on the big screen!

The Year 6 class have been learning about ‘Extreme Weather.’ The children shared their work and the grown-ups had the bonus of having tea and cakes, as the year 6 class wanted to raise money and awareness to the recent cyclone that devasted Mozambique. They raised £90 in total. Thank you to everyone who donated so generously and to those who had a go of the raffle.

It was lovely to see so many happy people this afternoon. Thank you for your continued support.