Fairtrade Conference Manchester 2020

Fairtrade Conference Manchester 2020

On Tuesday, our Year 4, 5 and 6 school council children went to Manchester to attend the annual Co-op Academies Trust Fairtrade Conference. We started our day by catching a train to Manchester Piccadilly.

When we arrived at the Co-op headquarters, we sat down and had a question and answer session on Fairtrade with the CEO of the Co op – Steve Murrells. Two of our children asked questions that he thought were excellent!

The children were then put into groups and had 3 workshops to do. Our First workshop was all about bananas; we found out where they are grown and how they are havested. Then, we had a challenge to pack a box of bananas ready to sell in the shops. Our box took 10 minutes to complete. It was great for the children to get into a production line and to work so well together.

Our next workshop involved puppets; our children made puppets to retell a story of what Fairtrade means to them. Some of our children made a farmer puppet and a Fairtrade person from the Co-op, buying the crops with a fair amount of money that was right for the crops they had bought.

Our final workshop was about making footballs. Our children made a football in a small group and were paid a minimum amount by a pretend buyer. However, they then took their ball to a Fairtrade buyer who paid a much fairer amount, which meant that they could buy many of the essentials they needed to live.

Our children really enjoyed learning about Fairtrade and will become our Friarswood Fairtrade ambassadors who will be driving forward the message to buy more Fairtrade goods wherever we can. It will be Fairtrade Fortnight from February 24th and our ambassadors are eager to raise awareness to everyone. Watch this space!