Newsletter – July Week 3

Newsletter – July Week 3

Dear Parents / Carers,

Well, we’ve finally come to the end of an incredible and completely unpredictable year.  

In September, every school child in the country had to negotiate a new way of being in school and become part of a ‘bubble’. They suddenly had to keep away from their friends in other bubbles, be limited in a school where they were used to being free, try to keep their distance from the staff who they’ve always been close to, discover a new way to learn without sharing equipment, master how to learn at home for lengthy periods of time and all of this without any time to adapt.

The staff had to quickly learn how to teach in a different way to anything that had been used before.  Remote learning brought its own problems but the staff got through these and spent a long time both before and after school developing ways to support remote learning in the best ways they could think of for the children.  Some staff went live, some staff prerecorded.  Each teacher chose their own way to continue the development of the children whilst encouraging them and keeping an eye on their wellbeing too.

You, the parents, were suddenly thrown into a juggling act that you’ve never had to do before.  You supported the children with their learning, their wellbeing and their mental health as well as continuing with your daily demands.

And now, we’ve got to the end of the year and we’re all (just about) still standing.  The children are laughing and are healthy, they have achieved so much and have shown just what precious, strong characters they are. The staff have learnt so much and shown their excellence in teaching as each and every child has made progress.  The support staff have been on hand throughout all of this with their unwavering support and positivity, helping everyone through the good times and the bad.  And you have supported both the children and the school throughout it all.

This truly shows that we are a Friarswood Family and I thank you all.

Today we say Goodbye to our wonderful Year 6 children.  Ever since they started at Friarswood, they have been an enthusiastic, happy and fantastic group of children.  They get on so well together and have left such a big impression with every member of staff that has taught them to the point where teachers always ask to take them into the following year group.  I know this group of children will go on to do amazing things.  They are so passionate about achieving their best.  They work so well together in a team as well as on their own.  They have the drive to follow their dreams.  The high schools are certainly lucky to be having these children.  I wish them all the very best.

Year 6 Leavers

I wish all of our Friarswood Family a lovely and safe summer break.  Enjoy the sunshine and take some well deserved time to relax with your own families.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday 2nd September 2021.

Reminder of times

Early years (Nursery & Reception children) start at 8:45am

Nursery finish at 11:45am

Reception finish at 3:15pm

KS1 & KS2 start: 8:45am – 8:55am (doors and gates will be closed at 8:55am)

KS1 finish: 3:15pm

KS2 finish: 3:20pm

Take care 

Mrs Wilmer and the Friarswood team

A couple of links from the Government about how you can get help with education over the summer holidays and how to enjoy family time together and ‘discover summer’.

Summer activities and help from the Government

Rediscover Summer

If you need to contact the school the number is 01782 470401. 

Friarswood STAR values

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