Newsletter – May Week 3

Newsletter – May Week 3

Dear Parents / Carers,

New SENDCo/teacher (Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator)

I am thrilled to announce that we have appointed a new SENDCo/teacher for September.  His name is Mr Golds and he has a wealth of SEN experience and is very passionate about supporting our SEN children and their families.  The Year 2 children certainly enjoyed his lesson and were very impressed with his personality.

Mr Golds will be starting with us in September however he will be arranging some time at the end of this term to meet with our acting SENDCo, Mrs Jones.

Nursery News

Due to Small & Tall numbers growing, Miss Johnson will be moving back into Small & Tall from September.  We have appointed a senior nursery nurse, Mrs Tagg, to lead in nursery alongside Miss Goodwin.  Mrs Tagg has a great deal of experience in managing nurseries and certainly made a wonderful impression on our young children, as well as the staff.

Open days

We are planning to hold ‘open days’ at the end of June / beginning of July for our new reception and nursery families.  This obviously all depends on the government restrictions being lifted.  Mrs Smith is busy organising these events and letters will be sent to our new families very soon.


MIND survey

Last week, all of our families were sent a link to a MIND survey.  Co-op Academies Trust has sent the link to all the Trust’s families in the hope that we can support you with mental health and wellbeing needs.  Already all Co-op Academies promote mental health activities but we want to improve and build on this good work to really raise the profile of mental health within the communities our schools belong to.  The school can’t solve all mental health issues but can help to tackle some of those issues and educate children and adults in the best way to do this. Please work with us on a vital piece of work. We care about your health and hope you understand why we are doing this with the very best of intentions. Here is the link  MIND parent survey

Year 2

I just have to mention our wonderful Year 2 children.  This week they have had the most creative time in their lessons.  They have made spectacular creations by using recycled materials.  They’ve made indoor cinemas, castles and dragons and there was even a bird feeder. 

The children as well as Mrs Gray and Mrs Bebbington have loved exploring, creating, developing cutting and attaching skills, problem solving and explaining.  The children showed team work and supported each other when they came across problems.  They explored different ways to attach parts of their designs, ways to open and close parts of their designs and realised that glue and paint take a while to dry and that they need patience for this!

They have also found time to make Happy jars. Please take a moment to look at the photos.  Well done to all of Year 2. You have been busy!

Click link to see how the Happy Jars were made

Year 1

Our Year 1 children have been busy developing their writing skills to the point where they wrote their own extended piece of writing about Rapunzel.  And let me tell you that these were no ordinary stories.  There was no prince to the rescue, there was a very evil, savage witch (as Elsie & Ronnie explained to me) and there were frilly knickers!  

The children’s writing was full of adjectives and exciting to read.  A special mention to Skyla and Henry for their super handwriting and presentation. 

Well done to all of Year 1.

Sports events

We have planned for sporting events at the end of June and July.  We are hoping that we will be able to ‘mix bubbles’ but this will depend on government restrictions.  As soon as we hear, we will finalise arrangements and send out dates.  There are a variety of activities for all of our children. 

Covid / possible symptoms

Please can I remind you that if one person in your household has any of the Covid symptoms, then all of the household must isolate until a PCR test has confirmed that the person is negative.   If a person shows symptoms and they have taken a LFT test which is negative, they still must take a PCR test.  Until you receive the negative PCR test results, the whole household must isolate.

Thank you as always for your support.

Have a lovely weekend and take care.

Mrs Wilmer

If you need to contact the school we are still using a temporary number of 01782 470401. 

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