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Our Trip To Peak Wildlife Park

Our Trip To Peak Wildlife Park

On Wednesday our Year 1 class went to visit Peak Wildlife Park to see all the animals that live there. Year One’s topic this term is animals, so this visit will help the children to understand more about the different animals.

The pigs that lived there were called Potter and Oatcake. The children met them on the path, they walked around with the keepers, so the children were able to stroke them. They were very friendly.

The children also saw the wallabies, they had their babies in their pouches called Joeys.

The children saw a deer, the deer came up very close to them to say hello. There were also lemurs, one made the class laugh a lot, he jumped onto one of the keeper’s head and back!

The goats were also very friendly, they let the children stroke them. They all really liked their babies too. The goats really enjoyed eating the grass by the children’s feet.

The Children saw the penguins being fed underwater. They also found out that some penguins live in hot places too!

And of course, there was time to play!

The Year 1 class had a great day at Peak Wildlife Park. They learnt so much about lots of different animals and their homes. They all listened so well, the keepers there were very impressed! Well done Year 1