Our Trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium

Our Trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium

On Monday, our Nursery and Reception class to on a school trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium as part of their ‘Under the Sea’ topic.

There were lots of sea life there. The children found a lot of fish like Nemo! They all really liked the starfish, they were really big.

The children watched the divers feeding the fish and the stingrays. They gave them both a wave to say hello from us all at Friarswood.

The guide told the children lots of facts about fish and the other sea creatures. They all listened very well.

The children were amazed when walking through the tunnel and to have fish and sharks swimming all around them! They could have stayed in there all day watching.

The children found out that an octopus has nine brains! One in its head and eight in each of its tentacles. The children were fascinated, as were the adults.

The children tried to count the fish, but there were just too many!

Our Nursery and Reception class had a fantastic day, they were all so interested and very enthusiastic to find out more! They all had a great time.