Year 4 Ford Green Hall trip

Year 4 Ford Green Hall trip

Year 4 went to Ford Green Hall to begin their new topic on The Tudors.

They learnt about food that the Tudors would have eaten and how they got their food. They were busy comparing food from today to then. The children then looked and felt some of the foods like dried peas and broad beans, they also passed around different spices.

The children sat around the fire place and found out about the different candles the Tudors used.


They also had the opportunity to dress up as rich Tudors and poor Tudors and took part in a traditional dance as a whole class. Some of the children even went in to the stocks when there was a talk about crime and punishment!

The year 4 class had a great day at Ford Green Hall and are very eager to learn more about the Tudors this term. Well done Year 4, it looks like you had a fantastic time!